This testimonial from a happy client speaks to Belinda’s superpowers perfectly.

A paraphrased email between a stressed-out business owner and their bookkeeper:

Belinda: Hi Hanna, do you want to do the bit you know how to do, then I’ll jump in and do the bit you don’t know how to do, and then I’ll help you with what comes next

Hanna: Yes, please!


Seriously though, Belinda has helped me with so much the past couple of months and has given me the ability to move on with the parts of my business that have been pushed back because I had completely lost control of my books.

If you’re looking for someone to take the lead and help get you back on track, Belinda is your gal!

So, if your list is out of control, you’re struggling to meet your obligations and are overwhelmed by your inbox and diary – please reach out.

Belinda’s core focus is to get hard-working business owners just like you out of your books and administration and back into your business.